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Selected works by iconic Canadian artist Alex Colville

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David Alexander Colville, O.C. (Canadian, born 1920) In the Woods inscribed 'IN THE WOODS, ALEX COLVILLE, 1976 acrylic polymer emulsion' on the reverse acrylic polymer emulsion on board 59.3 x 34.3cm (23 3/8 x 13 1/2in).

Alex Colville/AC Fine Arts

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Alex Colville: Surveyor

Alex Colville/Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

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Alex Colville: Embarkation

Alex Colville/AC Fine Arts

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Alex Colville: Woman, Jockey and Horse, 1952

AC Fine Arts

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Alex Colville: Cattle Show, 1955

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Woman, Dog and Canoe, 1982 by Alex Colville

Alex Colville/AC Fine Arts

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Alex Colville: Infantry, near Nijmegen, Holland, 1946.

Alex Colville/AC Fine Arts

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Alex Colville: Horse and Train, 1954.

Alex Colville/AC Fine Arts

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Alex Colville: Bodies in a grave, Belsen, 1946.

Alex Colville/AC Fine Arts

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