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A guide to five up-and-coming Canadian authors

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Alexander MacLeod, author of the Giller-nominated collection “Light Lifting”: “I’d stack up the contemporary Newfoundlanders against all comers,” he says.

Heather Crosby

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Yejide Kilanko, author of “Daughters Who Walk This Path”: “As a therapist,” she says, “I'm fascinated with what motivates human behaviour.”

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David Chariandy, author of “Soucouyant”: “I’m extremely serious about how and what I write, but I’m not too interested in ‘being’ a writer,” he says.

Joy von Tiedemann

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Iain Reid, author of “One Bird’s Choice: A Year in the Life of an Over-educated, Underemployed Twentysomething Who Moves Back Home”: “I have failed to achieve a great, great deal,” he says.

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Grace O'Connell, author of “Magnified World”: “I hope to write books that are smart and a little strange but not dense or unnecessarily complicated,” she says.

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