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A detail from an illustration in Think Again

THINK AGAIN By JonArno Lawson, illustrated by Julie Morstad, KCP Poetry, 64 pages, $18.95

Another entry in an estimable poetry series from this publisher, Think Again, a collection of short poems, keeps the flag flying. Succinct, assertive and pithy, the mostly four-line poems dwell on matters of the heart and head - just the thing for readers in the first throes of first love, or for those beginning to look in an existential way at big questions such as, "Who am I?"

The poems drop like small pebbles into quiet pools of water. Take, for instance, Frame, Mask and Mirror:

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"I'm trying to see you You won't let me nearer Than frame to a picture Or mask to a mirror."

Or The Heart:

"Make sure that your heart Isn't too well defended: Your heart is designed To be broken and mended."

There is an implicit invitation to the reader of these and other poems in this book to think about each poem's meaning and relevance, and then think again, as the ripples of the poem spread across the surface of the reader's consciousness.

The poems and Julie Morstad's pen-and-ink drawings dance an elegant pas de deux, one in which showy gestures are abjured in favour of a fine line, and clarity of thought and feeling is borne out in both word and picture.

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