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"The Canadian robo-call scandal?" a bemused Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt ask at a screening of "Friends with Kids" in New York on Monday. "Sounds hilarious. What is it?"

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"Let me explain," says Interim Liberal Leader Bob Rae. "Someone bought and paid for automated phone calls to Liberal voters during the last election directing them to the wrong polling station or, worse, called late at night and identified themselves as Liberals and were rude."


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Danny DeVito is gripped with fear upon hearing of the Canadian robo-call scandal before the premiere of "The Lorax" in Moscow, Russia on Tuesday.

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A distraught Meryl Streep breaks into the Canadian national anthem upon hearing about the robo-call scandal at the premiere of "The Iron Lady" in Tokyo on Tuesday.


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"Canada sounds cute!" cast member Kirby Bliss Blanton exclaims at the premiere of the film "Project X" in Hollywood last week.


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"Can your Canadian robo-call scandal do this?" asks the singer Kreayshawn at the premiere of "Project X" in Los Angeles last week.

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"How awful for Canadians," say Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt as they continue to serve as this gallery's narrators-of-convenience. "Sounds like the work of the Conservatives to us. Who else would have benefitted from the suppression of Liberal votes?"

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"Hold on there," says Conservative Member of Parliament Dean Del Mastro this week. "The Conservatives did not place those calls, if in fact they were placed at all. We know it was the Liberals who placed the calls, if in fact they were placed at all. Which they weren't."


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John C. Reilly is impressed by Dean Del Mastro's chutzpah at the premiere of the play "8" in Los Angeles on Saturday.


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Worried that the international press had been overtaken by the Canadian robo-call scandal and would have otherwise ignored her, British actress Samantha Morton wore the most hideous dress she could get her hands on at the London premiere of the film "John Carter" last week.

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Emily Blunt appears to have had a similar concern at the Los Angeles premiere of "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" in Los Angeles on Monday.

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Ewan McGregor arrives at the LA premiere of "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen" shortly after turning down the role of Dean Del Mastro in the upcoming film "There Will Be Phone Calls."

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"So let's get this straight: You can stop a Canadian from voting by being rude on the phone, or with a simple ruse to send him or her to the wrong poll?" the still bemused Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt are forced to ask.

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"Hey, Canadian voters, you might want to toughen up a bit," says Kaylee DeFer at a screening of "Friends with Kids" in New York on Monday.

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Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum, having heard just how easy it is to get Canadians not to vote, considers a run for a seat in Parliament if his campaign to become America's first ayatollah-in-chief falls short.

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