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Scott Pilgrim is a lazy romantic and a reluctant hero. He avoids violence unless provoked, and when he defeats his enemies, no blood is shed. If he finds a Loonie on the ground, he's not too proud to pick it up. He's immune to expletives: when his angsty friend tries to curse at him, she's censored - a black square covers her mouth. He also plays in a talented band that will never gain commercial success because they refuse to sell out. And he lives in a world where it's always winter.

In other words, he's Canadian. He calls Toronto home - a backdrop for his epic quest. But here's what makes Scott Pilgrim essentially Canadian: He's not out to impress anyone, but utterly cool nonetheless.


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SARS T-shirt, sneakers, wool tuque with earflaps, hooded parka


A basement apartment. He's comfortable enough with his masculinity to share a bed with his "cool-gay roommate," who has a trail of hipster sexual conquests.




His band, Sex Bob-om, played Battle of the Bands in Toronto

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Lee's Palace


Public transit (when he has enough change)


He's a super-nice guy, and can defeat evil with politeness. He does favours for his mean ex-girlfriends, and respects his new girlfriend's decision to wait.

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