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The Enchanted Owl, by Kenojuak Ashevak.

Dorset Fine Arts

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Images from Cape Dorset, Nunavut on November 8, 2022. Artist Kenoajvak Ashevak works on a new print inside the Kinngait Co-operative print shop. (Photo by Peter Power/The Globe and Mail)

Peter Power/Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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Jutai Toonoo YOUR FATHER, LIES LIES LIES Cape Dorset, 2010 Oil stick on paper, 67 x 48"

Dorset Fine Arts

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TORONTO: November 6, 2011 -- Artist Kenojuak Ashevak (left) receives a kiss from her nephew Tim Pitsiulak during a show featuring his art at Feheley Fine Arts in Toronto. Photo by Della Rollins for The Globe and Mail

Della Rollins for The Globe and Mail/della rollins The Globe and Mail

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Tim Pitsiulak's SOFTENING KAMIK SOLES Cape Dorset, 2011 Coloured pencil, 30 x 22"

Dorset Fine Arts

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Tim Pitsiulak KIAWAK'S HOUSE Cape Dorset, 2011 Coloured pencil, 30 x 44"

Dorset Fine Arts

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PLAYING NINTENDO Cape Dorset, 2006 Coloured pencil, 16.25 x 20"

Dorset Fine Arts

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A MAN ABUSES HIS WIFE Cape Dorset, 2004 Coloured pencil, ink 13.75 x 20"

Dorset Fine Arts

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Arnaqu Ashevak's GUARDIAN ANGEL, which is unfinished. It is made of stone, antler, whalebone, and baleen. He made earrings for the angel out of antler, but never ended up attaching them, plus the separate piece that seems to be some sort of marker (gravemarker?) that holds an image of an inukshuk, a traditional land marker, but remains unassembled without the proper pegs to put it all together.

Dorset Fine Arts

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