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TV: Five shows worth watching tonight: February 27

A select viewing guide for Wednesday, February 27

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REALITY Paranormal Files (Space, 8 p.m.) The spirit of The X-Files lives on in this popular series from the U.S. SyFy cable channel. Currently midway through its second season, the show’s no-frills format follows ex-FBI agent Ben Hansen as he travels all over the U.S. to look into reports of paranormal activity. As per Ghost Hunters and similar programs, Hansen deploys a full squad of scientific investigators to prove or debunk the claims. Tonight, Ben and his team roll on down to Santa Ana, California, to reopen the investigation of a series of 1965 photos of an alleged flying saucer. Look to the skies!

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COMEDY Modern Family (ABC, Citytv, 9 p.m.) She’s back. Tonight’s new episode of TV’s sharpest comedy brings the return of Sal (Elizabeth Banks), the party-girl best pal of the perfectly adorable gay couple Mitchell (Jesse Tyler Ferguson) and Cameron (Eric Stonestreet). Once again, Sal drops in unexpectedly and announces that she’s getting married the very next day and wants Cam and Mitch to be her best men. Based on Sal’s past history, they know the marriage is going to be a disaster, but do they dare to try an intervention? In other news, Gloria (Sofia Vergara) has major trust issues with her new nanny and Phil (Ty Burrell) attempts to help son Luke (Nolan Gould) pursue a female classmate.

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REALITY Big Brother Canada (Global, 9 p.m.) Debuting tonight, this new reality series is the homegrown edition of an American reality show, which in turn was lifted from a Dutch TV concept. As everyone pretty much knows, the format involves moving strangers into a house fitted with dozens of TV cameras documenting their every move. The housemates bicker and backstab and participate in ridiculous challenges. Internal voting results in one contestant given the heave-ho each week with the last one standing receiving $100,000 cash, a $25,000 gift card and a compact car (expect shameless product plugs throughout the series). Exactly 12 of the 15 housemates are in their twenties, so it’s not unreasonable to expect all sorts of canoodling and general bad behavior. Yep, Canada has hit the big time!

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REALITY Duck Dynasty (A&E, 10 p.m.) The English pop star known as Morrissey may not care for the stars of Duck Dynasty, but the American viewing public is mad about the lads. Earlier this week, the famously vegan singer walked off the set of The Jimmy Kimmel Show in protest of the fact that Dynasty cast members were appearing on the same show; the reality show documents the down-home existences of the Robertson family, whose company produces duck-hunting products. Regardless of Morrissey’s best intentions, Duck Dynasty ranks among the highest-rated shows on A&E’s lineup and returns for a third season tonight. And Morrissey would clearly not approve of the opening episode in which good ol’ boy Phil Robertson goes looking for the beavers what damned up the local river. And he’s not going to politely ask them to stop.

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MOVIE Shall We Dance? (TCM, midnight ET; 9 p.m. PT) Neither Ginger Rogers or Fred Astaire were great actors, or even particularly attractive, but put them together on the dance floor and they made movie magic. All told, the pair made ten films together and are still regarded today as the most accomplished dance couple in cinema history. In this 1937 musical-comedy, Astaire plays the American ballet star Peter P. Peters, who toils for a haughty Paris dance company but secretly wants to blend classical ballet with modern jazz dancing. While onboard an ocean liner, Peter meets the snappy tap dancer Linda, played by Rogers, and a shrewd press agent concocts a phony love affair between the pair for publicity purposes. In between the real romance, the production numbers include Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off, They Can’t Take That Away From Me and the stirring title track. One of their best romps.

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