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Winnipeg's arts scene copes with the NHL's return

Manitoba's capital has always punched above its weight, culturally speaking. Now the Jets are offering another option

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Winnipeg Jets fans cheer for their team in Calgary, March 9, 2012. The last time the Jets played in Calgary was April 28, 1996.


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The Royal Winnipeg Ballet's production of Wonderland.

Bruce Monk

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Conrad John Schuck, John Rubinstein and the cast of Grumpy Old Men: The Musical, at the Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre.

Photographer: Leif Norman/Leif Norman

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Gregory Dahl resists the flirtations of Mlada Khudoley in the Manitoba Opera's production of Salome.

Robert Tinker/Robert Tinker

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The lecherous Monostatos (Michel Corbeil), a slave in Sarastro's palace, has designs on the sleeping Pamina (Andriana Chuchman) during the Manitoba Opera's production of The Magic Flute.

Robert Tinker/Robert Tinker

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