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GoClean Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaner


GoClean Multi-Purpose Spray Cleaner

  • $14.99
  • Available at: Canadian Tire

GoClean's Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a curious product, because it's supposed to remove brake dust, grease, grime, tar and bird droppings – and also make your interior shine the way you want it to. Hence, the multi-purpose moniker, but does it actually work as advertised?

I looked at GoClean's Waterless Car Wash earlier and was impressed at its ability to lift dirt without scratching the paint, but this Multi-Purpose iteration seems to be even more ambitious than that one was.

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"High quality bio-degradable surfactants and mild detergents" are overarching terms meant to sound reassuring. Maybe the fact it comes in a different colour than other GoClean products helps, too.

The eco-friendly angle is part of the messaging behind this product because the ingredients aren't harmful, and there's no need to use water with it. GoClean also doesn't mention how many cleanings you can expect with one bottle, and it shouldn't because you will probably spray this liberally.

One no-brainer is that you will need one microfibre cloth each for the interior and exterior. GoClean makes no mention of this, but in taking off grease and grime in the nooks and crannies, especially those left over from the winter, your cloth will be covered in grime in short order. Use a separate one for the interior and you'll be fine.

For interiors, the Multi-Purpose Cleaner proves adept at removing dust and gunk from your dash and console without leaving streaks. This includes fighting pesky stains on upholstery and carpets, though results will depend on how long the stain was there and what the spilled substance was. In some cases, it may not make a difference at all.

Leather isn't overtly mentioned in GoClean's list of interiors and perhaps there's a reason for that. With all the specialty leather cleaners available, the Multi-Purpose Cleaner is probably not your best bet for dealing with expensive seats.

Not only that, but it should also be noted that this is truly a cleaning agent, not some all-in-one cleaning and detailing concoction. So while it will do an admirable job of cleaning up the mess, it won't necessarily leave behind a noticeable sheen. This is more obvious with vinyl surfaces, but even plastic elements look a bit dull after cleaning.

Surprisingly, the cleaner handles tough grease and grime with relative ease. You do need to spray amply and let it settle for a few seconds, while also spraying plenty into the cloth, but you'll likely wipe all the gunk away without much struggle. For hardened or really tough cases, you might find some success by letting it settle for a minute before trying to rub it off. In either case during testing, the car's paint job wasn't affected.

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For its price, the Multi-Purpose Cleaner does a good job, though drivers with expensive rides might prefer going with a fuller detailing kit to get their desired results.

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