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3 top stock picks from money manager Jason Donville

Jason Donville is president and CEO of Donville Kent Asset Management. His focus is on Canadian small caps and financial stocks.

Top Picks:

Total Energy Services

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The premier oil and gas services company in Western Canada. The company operates in three segments (drilling, compression and rentals) and is well positioned relative to both the gas and oil markets.

Carfinco Financial Group

A subprime vehicle lender that is growing at more than 30 per cent per year and boasts a 5 per cent dividend yield, which we expect will be raised shortly.

Constellation Software

A high cash flow software company with a 4.3 per cent dividend yield that is still growing quickly.

Past Picks: Jan. 20, 2011

CGI Group Inc.

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Then: $18.41

Now: $20.37

Total return: +10.64%

Glentel Inc.

(Note: 2-for-1 stock split 5/16/2011)

Then: $27.50

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Now: $22.21

Total return: +65.94%

Chesswood Group

Then: $6.91

Now: $6.85

Total return (including dividends): +9.30%

Total return average: +28.63%


The gloom and doom market scenarios that have been very fashionable among pundits appears to be giving way to cautious optimism. This optimism is rightly based on the reality that the U.S., Europe and China are slowly getting their act together. We think 2012, which has started out strongly, will continue to be an above-average year for equity investors. Stay invested.

Compiled by Franklin Cameron, BNN Market Call Tonight


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