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At the beginning of July, the Canada Revenue Agency started sending out Notices of Reassessment for 2009 tax returns. Often this is a simple request to provide CRA with documentation to support a claim or deduction, but sometimes the implications are more serious - and expensive. Either way, it can be very stressful to be a recipient of one of these notices.

Cleo Hamel, senior tax pro and national spokesperson for H&R Block, joined us to answer your questions about Notices of Reassessment. She looked at the most commonly reviewed deductions and what your options are in the event of a reassessment.

Ms. Hamel joined H&R Block in January, 2000, as a tax associate and was a tax course instructor, an assistant district manager and district manager before taking her current position in 2006. Prior to joining H&R Block, she was an independent financial adviser, with a broker's license, in the Calgary area.

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