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Brad Pitt must really love his kids, who must really love gerbils. The mega-Hollywood star recently spent more than $100,000 (U.S.) on a state-of-the-art gerbil cage, The Sun reports. But we'll bet Mr. Pitt is getting more jollies from the cage than his six children and the rodents ever will. The actor, well known for his architectural nerdiness, reportedly oversaw the entire design and construction process of the elaborate cage full of platforms, tunnels, mazes and seesaws. "It's incredibly complex and cost a lot, but Brad's more than happy with any activity that can combine his two passions - his kids and architecture," a source told the British tabloid. The rodents, who apparently live in the family mansion in the south of France, were purchased at a local pet store, probably for less than $10 each.




Percentage of British women aged 18 to 50 who have heard of kitchen pantry items such as cling wrap, bread and even chicken skin being used as alternate forms of contraception, the BBC reports. Worse, some women out of the 1,000 polled by market research company Opinion Health said they'd heard of kebabs, Coca-Cola and potato chips being used as oral contraceptives. A serving of junk food a day keeps the babies away? Think again, ladies.

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Percentage of women polled who believed it takes a number of years to regain fertility after they've quit taking the Pill. Meanwhile, health professionals such as Annie Evans, a women's health specialist at the Bristol Sexual Health Centre, are shaking their heads. "It is not surprising, given that Britain continues to have the highest unintended pregnancy rate in Europe


'She really loves me a lot. and she really believes in me. and she will do anything, like, beg on the side of a freeway.'

- D.J. Strong, a 17-year-old student in Bellevue, Wash., who is apparently not at all embarrassed that his mom has been panhandling to raise money for his education.

Shelle Curley has been making up to $45 (U.S.) a day begging on a highway off-ramp and hopes to save enough to pay her son's $45,000 tuition to a prestigious dance school, an ABC affiliate reports. His response is remarkable since most of his peers would undoubtedly be mortified if their moms donned a hoodie, desperately hoisted a piece of Bristol board and hollered: "Tuition help needed! Donate a few dollars!" Brave souls, both.

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