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Canada's National Uniform: The contenders

Cowichan sweater? Yoga pants? Tuque? Which piece of clothing is quintessentially Canadian?

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Tuque: Word is, this noggin warmer can be traced back to the coureurs de bois who kept their nightcaps on during the day. Now, it can be credited to both hiding and contributing to bad hair days. - Amy Verner

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Cowichan sweater: Thanks in part to The Bay's massively successful Olympic apparel, the Cowichan-style sweater – identified by its heavy knit and mix of geometric and nature patterns – has become recognizable around the world. The handmade originals are still produced by the Salish community in southern British Columbia and retain the wool's natural oils, making them more protective than your run-of-the-mill cashmere. - Amy Verner

DARRYL DYCK/Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press

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Yoga pants: With the arrival of Lululemon's signature stretchy fabric more than a decade ago, women's derrieres were forever transformed for the better, no exercise necessary. Unfortunately, this yuppie symbol of leisure time has crossed over into workplace attire. - Amy Verner

RICHARD LAM/Richard Lam/The Canadian Press

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The Canadian tuxedo (jean jacket with jeans): Long considered among the most risible of ensembles, the top-to-bottom denim combo has experienced a slight resurgence among fashion types in the past year. But be warned, its new-found street cred means Americans may try to claim it as theirs (see Ralph Lauren's spring collection). - Amy Verner

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Red buffalo plaid lumber jacket: In recent years, buffalo check has transcended the jacket to handbags, hats, even sneakers. But there's nothing like the decidedly unpretentious flannel jacket to unite truckers, hipsters, campers and wilderness wannabes. - Amy Verner

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Down vest: A down vest can be the single most important layering piece for a country that experiences such a short summer season. As popular among men as women and available at high and low price points, it's as inclusive as it is cozy. - Amy Verner

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