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Celebrity photos of the week: Blasts from the past

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For all the influx of new Hollywood talent, the old faces just keep popping up. Case in point: Former ‘Star Trek’ mainstay George Takei scans the crowd for Romulans at the premiere of the animated kids movie ‘Free Birds’ in Los Angeles


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Exhibit B: Former ‘Saturday Night Live’ player and ‘Parks & Recreation’ star Amy Poehler grins and bears it at the ‘Free Birds’ premiere


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Exhibit C: Tool drummer Danny Carey, who voices a minor character in ‘Free Birds,’ demonstrates the sartorial incongruity of a long-haired 52-year-old rocker dude in a business suit


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Also in ‘Free Birds’ is ex-’Cheers’ star Woody Harrelson and former indie movie darling Owen Wilson. One day later on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live,’ Woody admiited that he was hurting from a tequila binge at the premiere.’ Does he look hungover? Let’s check...


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Hmm, Woody definitely looks disheveled and distracted in this photo

Chris Pizzello/AP

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Young fans in turkey hats recoil in horror at the sight of a wobbly Woody at the ‘Free Birds’ event


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Owen Wilson walks Woody Harrelson to a cab at the ‘Free Birds’ premiere


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‘A wise move, Owen,’ says George Takei


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Over in England, meanwhile, everyone knows former ‘Titanic’ star Kate Winslet is weeks away from giving birth to her third child with new husband Ned Rocknroll (real name), but she still made it to the premiere of her new movie, ‘Labour Day.’ How many times can we catch her touching her stomach?


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The second time was probably just maternal reflex


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And then Kate did it again while posing with the film’s Canadian director, Jason Reitman

Jon Furniss/AP

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And again while fleeing from the rabid U.K. tabloid press corps

Joel Ryan/AP

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And while everyone else filed into the theatre to watch the movie, Kate just stayed outside and kept rubbing her stomach


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Yo, Adrian! Back in New York, Sylvester Stallone shows the effects of too many bouts with Apollo Creed at the premiere of his new movie ‘Escape Plan’


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Sly’s ‘Escape Plan’ co-star Arnold Schwarzenegger, also made the scene sporting one of those scruffy beards that only old men and former California governors can pull off


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Later, the studio wheeled out the Arnie and Sly action figures soon to be available in stores

Evan Agostini/AP

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Actor Jim Caviezel also appears in ‘Escape Plan’ and showed up at the premiere to promote his new line of body armour


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On the other side of the world, the English actor Tom Hiddleston was in Seoul, Korea, to hype his new movie ‘Thor: The Dark World,” in which he reprises his Loki character from the megahit ‘The Avengers’

Ahn Young-joon/AP

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While in Seoul, Tom milled with moviegoers and even posed for pictures with fans

Ahn Young-joon/AP

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Tom even appeared on local TV shows and accepted a handmade gift from a fan, who likely believes he really is Loki. Is there nobody out there who can possibly warn this young actor on the perils of getting typecast as a popular character?

Ahn Young-joon/AP

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'Live long and prosper, my young friend,’ says Mr. Sulu


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