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Celebrity Photos of the Week: Today on Leave It to Bieber!

All captions by @captionperson

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Last week on Leave It to Bieber, our hero was seen bidding adieu to sunny Florida following a brush with Miami Beach po-po and a few criminal charges that will fade faster than a Spring Break tan. What might the next adventure be for this incorrigible Canadian scamp?

Hector Gabino/AP

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Welcome to Panama, baby! Once settled into a resort in Punta Chame, The Biebs broke out the baggy shorts, neck bling and shy demeanour to blend in with the locals.


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Back in Los Angeles, all manner of stars, Annie Lennox included, turned out for The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to The Beatles, which, coincidentally enough, was taped the day after the Grammys. Sweet dreams are made of the same material as Ms. Lennox’s frock.


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A tad less subtle was the outfit worn by actress Anna Kendrick to the Beatles event. Does Twiggy know you’ve been raiding her closet, missy?


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Elsewhere, Katy Perry feted the Beatles by wearing the curtains her grandparents bought on the same day that Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was released (that’s June 1, 1967 for you history buffs).


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Meanwhile, back in Panama, The Biebs scored big laughs from flunkies and Panamanians alike with his ‘Look, I’m a miscreant pop star falling off my beach-cycle’ routine. The kid lives to give.


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Jumping back to the Beatles soirée, where rapper Pharrell Williams wore his now-famous big hat just to make country singer Brad Paisley jealous. In showbiz parlance, that’s called ‘hat envy.’

Zach Cordner/Zach Cordner/Invision/AP

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At one point in the show, Pink attempted to steal Pharrell’s magic hat, Mission Impossible-style, but was shooed away by the rapper’s ever-vigilant posse. That nervy Pink!

Zach Cordner/Zach Cordner/Invision/AP

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Shifting back to Panama, where The Biebs was acting tough and barking at security guards, ‘We don’t need no stinkin’ badges!’ Eventually a security guard gently explained to him that the badge was necessary to partake of the resort’s buffet and salad bar.


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Now back to the Beatles event, where British rocker Peter Frampton, once the biggest music star on the planet, found himself reduced to spear-carrier duty by playing rhythm guitar on I Wanna Hold Your Hand. Hey, it’s a living.

Zach Cordner/Zach Cordner/Invision/AP

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Naturally, the bash attracted all manner of star-clingers with no connection whatsoever to the Fab Four, but still desperate for a photo op. Here we see Johnny Depp sporting his English pea coat and John Lennon eyeglasses, as befits the occasion.


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And here’s former Monty Python member Eric Idle hopelessly confusing the audience by performing one half of the nudge-nudge, wink-wink Python sketch.


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Somehow, Sean Penn took time away from the tanning bed and his usual humanitarian activities to tell the crowd how The Beatles music inspired his portrayal of Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Aloha, Mr. Hand!

Zach Cordner/Zach Cordner/Invision/AP

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And Jeff Bridges performed a spoken-word version of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds that had William Shatner in tears.

Zach Cordner/Zach Cordner/Invision/AP

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In between all the gushing, actual Beatles Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr appeared on stage. And for the millionth time, Paul apologized for dubbing over all of Ringo’s drum tracks for the group’s first six albums.


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Katy Perry, meanwhile, gave up trying to explain to reporters how her hairstyle was inspired by The Beatles’ song Maxwell’s Silver Hammer. And how on earth does a pop star disguise a bad ‘do these days?


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'Let’s you and me make a deal, ma’am,’ suggested Pharrell


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And what of The Biebs? By now relaxed, our boy let his drawers down a hitch while clam-digging with his new amigos

Eddy Vasquez/AP

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Back to Los Angeles, where Motley Crue members Vince Neil and Nikki Sixx held a press conference to announce the group’s farewell tour. Suddenly the Crue song Kickstart My Heart has new meaning


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And really, does anything say rock-and-roll better than a 55-year-old dude with dyed-and-feathered hair?

Richard Shotwell/Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

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Not unless it’s Alice Cooper, who will open up for Crue on the tour and still sports the ol’ eye makeup at 66.

Richard Shotwell/Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP

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Not so with The Biebs, however, who reportedly fended off intervention attempts by his friend Usher while vacationing in Panama. Yo, I’m the biggest pop star on the planet!


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But so was Peter Frampton, shown here attending a Hall of Fame event in Nashville this week. Seriously, back in 1976, Frampton was a red-hot name with the biggest-selling album in the world, titled Frampton Comes Alive

Donn Jones/Donn Jones/Invision/AP

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You see? Here’s the poster for Frampton Comes Alive. Isn’t he cute? Doesn’t he look like he’s on top of the world? How could a pop star possibly fall so far from grace?

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