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Loving husband and father, devout Catholic, passionate gardener, federal government employee. Born May 19, 1952, in Toronto. Died March 14 in Mississauga of cancer, aged 57.

Peter Serednicki was a man of simple pleasures. With his newspaper in one hand and a Tim Hortons coffee in the other, he always started his day with a smile.

Born to Frank Serednicki and Helen Murphy, Peter was raised alongside his five brothers in Toronto's Polish/Ukrainian community of Roncesvalles. Following his parents' example, Peter grew up a practising Catholic. He was blessed with a strong faith that became the foundation of his successful life.

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Peter travelled across North America and Asia, but he was most impressed when he visited Europe. He visited France, England, Italy and the Netherlands and remained enchanted by Europe's rich history. Peter loved to learn new things, but history was his passion. He was accepted into the University of Toronto where he studied Canadian history.

In 1988, Peter met the love of his life, Ida Serrano, at a birthday party. They married in 1990 and for every day of their 20-year marriage, Peter never failed to treat Ida like a queen. He could never stay mad at her for long and would gladly do anything for her, whether it be watching a new romantic comedy or letting her choose their yearly vacation destination.

The most joyous moments of Peter's life were the births of his two daughters, Stephanie and Angela. No father could have been happier and prouder than Peter. When the girls were young, he spent most of his free time with them, reading them children's books or taking them to the park. When they were teenagers, Peter became more of a friend to them and laughed along when he was the topic of their jokes.

Though Peter was the true definition of a family man, he showed the same dedication to his career as a senior Canadian customs inspector at the Canada Border Services Agency, where he served for 30 years. He was always proud to be part of the country's first line of defence against all illegal or immoral goods entering Canada.

True to his nature of reaching out to people, Peter spent his weekends teaching catechism to children and teenagers. He joined the Knights of Columbus and volunteered at his parish.

In his younger days, Peter expressed his artistic creativity by painting landscapes of the countryside and portraits of people and animals. He had an eye for beauty and saw things differently, which resulted in striking photography.

Anyone who passed by Peter's house was captivated by his well-manicured lawn and garden. He spent most of his summers tending to his garden and never failed to offer anyone gardening advice or a pot of flowers.

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Peter is remembered daily and is missed dearly. He will forever be alive in the hearts of his family and friends.

By Angela Serednicki, Peter's daughter.

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