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Party photos of the week: Versailles ’73

Versailles ’73: American Runway Revolution premiere: A who’s who of Toronto’s style scene flaunted their finery at the ROM after a screening of a new fashion doc.

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Lisa Tant, Nicholas Mellamphy and Shinan Govani

Jason Hudson

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Katie Gregory and Kate Makinson

Jason Hudson

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Kirk Pickersgill, Suzanne Boyd and Stephen Wong

Jason Hudson

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Paige Dzenis

Jason Hudson

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Randi Bergman and Bernadette Morra

Jason Hudson

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Randi Bergman, Kevin Naulls and Ryan Cheung

Jason Hudson

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Stacey Mckenzie

Jason Hudson

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Sarah Marantz and Rory Them Finest

Jason Hudson

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Amina Said

Jason Hudson

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Catherine Nugent and David Livingstone

Jason Hudson

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Jeanne Beker and Suzanne Boyd

Jason Hudson

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Jeremy Laing and Kim Mimran

Jason Hudson

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Joe Mimran

Jason Hudson

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The Beckerman Family

Jason Hudson

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