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Five gourmet condiment combos for your hot dog

Japadog in Vancouver offeres a variety of creative toppings for its hot dogs.

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Need some inspiration to build your own ultimate hot dog at home? Aldo Lanzillotta, sausage connoisseur and owner of Toronto's German-style beer hall Wvrst, offers a few mouth-watering suggestions:

Pineapple, bacon and jalapeno

Grill pineapple on the barbecue until it's charred, then chop it up. Add some thinly sliced, fresh jalapeno peppers, and lay on some grilled bacon.

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DIY Danger Dog

The Danger Dog is believed to originate from Tijuana. As Mr. Lanzillotta explains, it's "basically a hot dog wrapped with bacon, and then it's cooked on a flat top. On the same flat top, you cook your onions and your green peppers. … The bacon releases all its fat, and the peppers and onions are cooked in the same fat."

Sriracha mayonnaise, shishito peppers, cabbage

Create your own spicy mayo with sriracha and mayonnaise. Shishitos are a Japanese pepper, of which only one in about 25 is hot. "It's a gamble," Mr. Lanzillotta says. When they're grilled, there's a "charred, smoky flavour to it and every once in a while, you get a really hot one." Jalapeno or poblano peppers make good alternatives. Top with sautéed cabbage.

Poblano, corn and avocado

Grill poblano peppers until charred. Put some corn on the grill until it's toasted, then slice off the kernels. Top with avocado and chipotle mayo.

Foie gras, maple, apple

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Cook the wiener in a cast-iron skillet until the skin is brown and crispy. Just before you take it off the heat, add maple syrup, which will become nice and gooey. Shave some apple into a slaw. Using the same pan, sear off some foie gras and use it to top your hot dog.

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