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Healthy Eating Jump-Start Day 1: Keep a food diary

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Have you made a resolution to eat better and lose weight ... just like you did last year? Don't set yourself up for failure by attempting an overnight revamp of your habits.

Follow our month-long program of daily nutrition tips, created by dietitian Leslie Beck to change your lifestyle for January - and beyond. And to get your fitness on track, try our personal trainer-designed Boot Camp 2012 program .

DAY 1: Keep a food diary for the next seven days

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One of the biggest assets in making dietary change is a food diary. It can provide a huge amount of self-awareness and pinpoint areas for improvement.

Record your food intake – and portion size – after each meal. Don't wait until the end of the day or you'll likely forget a few foods.

Assess your food record at the end of each day. What do you notice? No fruit? Not enough vegetables? Too many sweets? Portion sizes larger than you thought?

Use this information to help focus your efforts over the next few weeks.

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