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Why Rick Mercer is planning on getting vaccinated and Jann Arden isn't.

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Margaret Atwood

JENNIFER ROBERTS/jennifer roberts The Globe and Mail

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SANDRA OH, actor, Grey's Anatomy: “We work in a terrible incubator. Definitely people are down with it. This is a perfect opportunity to get in touch with our health. I just went to Whole Foods and got $200 worth of vitamins.”

Matt Sayles

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PRIME MINISTER STEPHEN HARPER AND FAMILY: "They will not be jumping any queues and will be using the public health system, lining up for their shots like everyone else,” a spokesman said.

Sean Kilpatrick

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PAUL MARTIN, former Prime Minister: “Mr. Martin has not yet had his swine flu shot but intends to as soon as possible.” - Lucie Santoro, Mr. Martin's assistant

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ANNE MURRAY, musician: “We have plenty of Purell and we are keeping human contact at a minimum (so much for fun on the road!),” said Ms. Murray's aide.

Peter Kramer

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JANN ARDEN, musician: “I’m not [getting the shot, because] of all the reading and stuff that I’ve done. I’m coming into a period of time where I meet probably 100 people every night and shake their hands and have a picture taken with them. But having said that, I’m a chronic hand washer. I don’t think I’d be kissing strangers on the cheek or anything of the sort ... I’m not in that really touchy age group which is teenagers kind of up to 35, 38 and then the elderly, so I don’t really fit the profile. I’m 47 and I’m just not afraid of that. Am I crazy?”

Charla Jones/Charla Jones/THE GLOBE AND MAIL

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PETER MANSBRIDGE, anchor, CBC's The National: “Yes, because I have become convinced that the risk of taking it is less than the risk of not taking it.”

Christopher Wahl

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RICK MERCER, host, "The Rick Mercer Report": "Absolutely. I always get a flu shot, and seeing as how this is H1N1, why would I not get it? Every doctor I know tells me I should get it. Plus I do everything that my government tells me to do."

Kevin Van Paassen/The Globe and Mail

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KEVIN NEWMAN, anchor, Global's National News: "Yes, I will. I’m an asthmatic, and I’m really susceptible to the flu and it goes straight into my chest if I do get it. I’m not going to take any chances."


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SUSAN SWAN, author, What Casanova Told Me: "I talked to my doctor about the vaccine and she advised me to get it in early November which is when her downtown Toronto clinic will have the vaccine. She was very low-key in the way she talked about it. I am 64, not quite in what is considered the high risk category but never mind. I think all Canadians should get advice from their doctors on the vaccine since the media has created a hopelessly confusing scenario by portraying so many differing points of view about the vaccine. This isn’t a story that needs to be played from all angles. Doing that spreads fear and panic."

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JEFF BATCHELOR, snowboarder, Canadian half-pipe team: "I see no reason to get the vaccine. I’ve always had a very good immune system, and I don’t think I’ve had a flu shot in a while. I also know many of my friends at school who have had [H1N1]. It only lasts about 10 days and what I would be worried about most would be the time off training."


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DES MCANUFF, artistic director of Stratford Shakespeare Festival: "Absolutely. This is not only to protect myself, but I come in contact with a lot of people and I feel a responsibility to protect them. I only hope others are doing the same for my loved ones and me!"

Deborah Baic/The Globe and Mail

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JIAN GOMESHI, host of CBC Radio’s Q: “Like many Canadians, I’m just trying to catch the latest line on the sickness named from swine. But I really don’t plan on doing anything different. I get a yearly flu shot at work. I will endeavour to get that. Otherwise the safest option appears to be avoiding any form of contact with any other humans. Ever.”

Arantxa Cedillo / Veras/Arantxa Cedillo 2008

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BRIAN BEDFORD, Stratford Festival actor and director: “Absolutely. Isn’t everybody? I think it’s an absolute must and I plan to make every effort to get it before I get on a plane next week, though I realize it takes a week or so to become effective.”

Dave Chidley

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MATTHEW GOOD, musician: “Yes, I am going to get it. Having just had pneumonia, and because I fall into the high-risk category being that I have sarcoidosis, it makes sense. You come into contact with a lot of people on tour so I figure at this point it’s better to be safe than sorry. Mind you, that doesn’t mean that I’ll be 100 per cent protected, but as I said it can’t hurt."

Jim Ross/Jim Ross

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MENDELSON JOE, folk artist, musician: “I won’t be taking the H1N1 vaccination. My doctor has convinced me to take the normal seasonal flu shot, but normally I don’t like taking any kinds of drugs or any of that stuff. It reduces my ability to fight it by myself. A healthy person can do that.”

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ANNABEL LYON, author, The Golden Mean: “I am planning to get the shot, because my family doctor (who I've been seeing since I was a child) is recommending it. I definitely wash my hands a lot more and carry hand sanitizer in my purse. And buffet food makes me a little more nervous these days - I try to avoid it.”

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MAX DEAN, artist: "I'm not getting it. I spend most of my time by myself, so I don't think it makes sense. But I'm going to wash my hands a lot, and gargle with hot salt water, and I think we're also supposed to nose gargle if we can -- whatever that is. Also, hot fluids are good, so it's an excuse for more coffee."

Charla Jones

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MATTHEW TEITELBAUM, director, Art Gallery of Ontario: "Yes, I'll be seeing my doctor next week. We'll be setting up a clinic for our employees at the gallery."

Charla Jones

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MEASHA BRUEGGERGOSMAN, opera singer: "I don't really have enough information about it to make an educated decision. [But] I'm generally quite germophobic so if the general consensus (along with the opinion of my family doctor) swings in favour of the vaccine, I'll probably get it."

Kevin Van Paassen

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DR. VINCENT LAM, author of Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures and co-author of The Flu Pandemic and You. He got his shot on Thursday: "The hardest thing of all is to keep things in perspective. The thing that people have to understand is that there are enough shots to go around and people will be able to get the shots in the next few weeks."

Fred Lum

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ALLAN FOTHERINGHAM, author and journalist: “No, I’ve never been so healthy since I was 18. I play tennis three mornings a week. I don’t need anything. Besides, I almost died two years ago because of a fuck-up in a hospital. I went in for a colonoscopy and got a superbug because people don’t wash their hands. They gave me last rites three times.”

Tibor Kolley

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WILLIAM THORSELL, CEO, Royal Ontario Museum: “I get the flu shot every year … and the H1N1 vaccine is just another flu shot. The only issue is that they’re not offering it in clinics inside the building. So the question is only if I’ll take the trouble to line up somewhere. I’m not going to get up at 6 a.m. to get in front of the line to get a flu shot. If it’s convenient, I’ll do it, and if it’s not, probably not.”

Deborah Baic

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TEWANEE JOSEPH, executive director of the Four Host First Nations at the 2010 Olympics: “After a family discussion we decided to get the shots for our children as soon as possible – and when the public health officials give the green light [for adults not in a high risk group] my wife and I will get them too.”

Jeff Vinnick

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BRAMWELL TOVEY, music director, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra: "Yes, I will be having the vaccine – one of my kids has already had it. Why? Because vaccines save lives. I fly a lot and airline cabins are wonderful places to catch germs – it would be sheer lunacy not be vaccinated.

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STURLA GUNNARSSON, filmmaker: “I’ve already had the swine flu. I’m going to be the last man standing. … It was miserable. … It’s just the flu, a nasty flu. My wife and my son and I all had it [in September]. We had a sick household.”

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CAMERON BAILEY, director, Toronto International Film Festival: "Like everyone, we’re talking about that damn virus at home and at work. Carolynne and I have six-month old son, Tate, at home. He’s just on the borderline of the age when kids can be vaccinated, so do we get him jabbed or not? Just one of many questions we have. Is hand sanitizer safe for a baby who puts everything in his mouth?"

Charla Jones

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ANDY BARRIE, radio host, CBC Toronto: "I’ll get the shot because: 1. I trust my doctor to do the due diligence on this one; she says do it, I’ll do it. 2. It’s a little like second-hand smoke: if I decide to accept the danger of smoking, I’m imposing that decision on anyone who shares my space. Same with the vaccine. If I don’t get it, and get the flu, and give it to you, I’ve made the decision for both of us. That’s why this is a public, and not only a private question."

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