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5 beautiful last-minute gift ideas for the home

Desperate to find those last few presents? Consider these five handmade objects

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Four Seasons tea towel: I’m fond of the current trend toward artisanal tea towels with artful graphics. Household linens are the fabrics you touch every day. Because drying a dish is pure utility, a little thought goes a long way. This simple and understated towel by Bailey Doesn’t Bark is a great example. Give your kitchen a pop by hanging it off the stove handle or framing it up as inexpensive artwork. $28,

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Handmade broom: A broom isn’t a gift you can give just anyone. (A mother-in-law, for example, might bristle at the insinuation of either witchiness or sloth.) But if you’ve a friend inclined toward handmade and nostalgic things, you can’t do better than a broom by Granville Island. A welcome alternative to their mass-market counterparts – no plastic caps that need duct tape to stay on – a traditional broom is a simple device that works beautifully. $27-$185, Granville Island Broom Company,

Alastair Bird

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Creamer: Handmade ceramics add character to any table setting. This simple handmade creamer by Julia Paul on is no exception. I love that the raw clay body is dark brown and the white glaze covers only half of the form. Its Scandinavian practicality and elegance pairs easily with any style of dishware. $30,

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Twine stand with cutter: This is my favourite practical pick. Whether in the garden or at a work table, it’s lovely to have twine close at hand. And there’s no need to run around, looking for scissors: the adorable oak stand has a built-in cutter. $25.95, Old Faithful Shop,

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Hole Slab cutting board: I have several wooden cutting boards, and if I don’t give this Canadian beauty as a gift, I’m making it part of my collection. With its soft form and big handle, I imagine it hanging on a hook in the kitchen: functional art. $150, Provide Home,

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