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The richness and complexity of the interior design of this Beaverton, Ont. cottage perched above the eastern shore of Lake Simcoe is hinted at even before entering. High double gates, dressed up in blackened bamboo neatly tied with twine, mark entry to the property. Seen here - the boathouse.

Andrew Filarski

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Heavy foliage provides shade on the descent to boathouse.

Andrew Filarski

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The house is predominantly timber clad and painted a subdued green but from the midriff down it wears a rugged dry stone skirt.

Andrew Filarski

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The rear patio.

Andrew Filarski

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Main cottage elevation facing the water.

Andrew Filarski

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Materials as diverse as tin, copper, iron, steel, basswood, cherry, maple, bamboo, limestone and 42 colours of paint went into this Ontario cottage.

Andrew Filarski

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A view of the rear patio.

Andrew Filarski

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The ideas and intricacies encapsulated in this home’s design leave the owners wondering when they’ll stop being surprised by it.

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Andrew Filarski

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The front entrance of the main cottage.

Andrew Filarski

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In the main cottage, a look at the stairs and door to the private office. Geometric designs on the stair banisters – so reminiscent of the work of Scottish architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh – are picked up in the detailing of the kitchen’s cooker hood, while the patterning of the pressed tin kitchen ceiling is transposed to the glorious stained glass office door.

Andrew Filarski

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Main cottage, guest bathroom.

Andrew Filarski

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In the boathouse, existing portholes have been reused, while the roof trusses are not hidden by a ceiling but exposed and painted white to add another dimension to this delightful waterside bedroom suite.

Andrew Filarski

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