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5 ways to make your home office more comfortable

Whether your den is an actual corporate HQ or simply a part-time workplace, combining comfort, efficiency and personal style will make business seem more like pleasure

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BLEND THE COMFORTABLE WITH THE CORPORATE. In the digital age, most of us use less paper and generally need less desk space. Under these circumstances, armchairs, sofas and other non-traditional furnishings may be just as or more useful than swivel chairs or filing cabinets.

Stacey Brandford for The Globe and Mail

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CREATE A RELAXATION ZONE. Try incorporating an actual den/lounge into the mix. In this room, a pair of ultracomfortable chaise longues are as practical as they are luxurious, inviting the user to flake out at the end of a long day or just recline during a phone call.

Stacey Brandford for The Globe and Mail

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CONQUER THE CLUTTER. If your office has a closet, you can easily turn it into valuable space for customized storage by removing the clothes rod and replacing it with wood shelves and dividers (painted in a snazzy colour scheme to complement the room).

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SUPPRESS THE CUBICLE ETHOS. The addition of decorative fabrics, elegant wallpapers and meaningful artwork helps add a positive element that both appeals to the eye and fosters creativity, resulting in a personalized workplace that will inspire you every day.

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MATCH METAL TONES FOR DECORATIVE COHESION. Removing old knobs and re-plating them in a finish of your choice for about $10 each is a terrific way to update an inexpensive desk find. Apply the same finish to light fixtures, picture frames and high-tech tools!

Stacey Brandford for The Globe and Mail

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