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Sarah Richardson: Expanded bathroom, added options

Busting out a wall makes for a better bathing space

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In their quest to find the right house (on the right street, in the right school district, with the right features), my clients committed to a house that was long on character but short on bathrooms. A family of four sharing one small bathroom just wouldn’t cut it. By taking down a wall and borrowing three feet from the adjacent guest bedroom, the bathroom footprint became big enough to accommodate a freestanding tub, shower and vanity.

Stacey Brandford

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You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that the selection in ready-made vanities has improved vastly in the past few years. Who knew that I’d be able to find a whitewashed oak vanity when my client said she wanted a coastal inspired bathroom? To make the renovation of your bathroom a little simpler, most ready-made vanities also come with a selection of counter tops that are pre-drilled for your faucet and are sold complete with the sink.

Stacey Brandford

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Instead of the usual custom shower enclosure, I installed a ready to go glass shower enclosure set that features a sliding door, so clearance into the room isn’t an issue. The uber-stylish hardware that operates the slide mechanism made the leap from custom enclosure to prefab kit an easy and high-impact design choice.

Stacey Brandford

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You may want to avoid tiling the entire bathroom to save dollars, but it’s important to have a durable and water resistant surface around the perimeter of the room.

Stacey Brandford

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Stacey Brandford

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If a fully tiled bath is beyond your budget, consider installing tongue in groove panelling (which can be installed in individual pieces or as sheet goods), and paint it with good quality primer and trim paint to create a durable barrier that will repel the inevitable splashing and spraying.

Stacey Brandford

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Consider the height of your vanity when determine the overall height of your panelling so it can run at one continuous height around the room and double as a back splash for the sink. If part of your renovation agenda is to keep the classic charm in an old house, panelling can help balance the mix of old and new elements and keep your costs in check.

Stacey Brandford

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