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The next 12 months will at times be difficult but they will also be rewarding, so take each day as it comes and strive to make each 24-hour period a mini masterpiece. Make this a time of real and lasting achievement.

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

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Forget about your people skills today and just do what feels right to you personally. The more you make an effort to be nice to certain individuals, the more likely it is they will take it as a sign of weakness.

TAURUS (April 21 - May 21):

Whatever has caused you to suppress your feelings and become a bit emotionally distant in recent days, you are advised not to take it too seriously. The Earth turns and everything will look different, and better, tomorrow.

GEMINI (May 22 - June 21):

Adopt a no-nonsense nature today, especially when dealing with people whose negative attitudes can drive you to despair. The more they try to convince you that something terrible is happening the more you should laugh at them.

CANCER (June 22 - July 23):

There is no point getting caught in a battle of wills with someone in a position of power. They will win and you will lose, it's that simple. Let them call the shots – it doesn't do you any harm, does it?

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LEO (July 24 - Aug. 23):

Cosmic activity in your own sign encourages you to believe that you can do anything – and it's not far from the truth. But you will accomplish more in the long-term if you focus on one particular talent. Be the world's number one.

VIRGO (Aug. 24 - Sept. 23):

You know it pays to be honest but because you are uncertain how some people might react if you tell them the truth, you are reluctant to open your mouth. That's a mistake. They need your input, so speak up.

LIBRA (Sept. 24 - Oct. 23):

It may annoy you that certain people don't take your ideas seriously but ultimately it's their loss. There are all sorts of options open to you now – and you don't need anyone's help but your own.

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SCORPIO (Oct. 24 - Nov. 22):

Why are you so reluctant to take the advice of a friend? Most likely it's because you don't want to admit that you made the wrong choice. But what's the big deal? You're human like everyone else. Get past it.

SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23 - Dec. 21):

You may need to force yourself to be enthusiastic about what you are expected to do, but it's an effort worth making. The better the job you do, the more likely it is you will be offered something more interesting later on.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 20):

Your confidence may not be up to its usual levels at the moment but it's not the end of the world. If you encounter the kind of opposition that makes you feel uncomfortable just back off a bit. You've got plenty of time.

AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 - Feb. 19):

Admit it: you have bitten off more than you can chew and now you are frantically looking around for a way out. Well, that's too bad, because there isn't one. Do the best you can and live with the consequences.

PISCES (Feb. 20 - Mar. 20):

You will let someone know that you don't want to argue but they are hell bent on having it out with you. In which case you might as well tell them what you really think. Enjoy the look on their face.

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