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Kids decide: Are moms better drivers than dads?

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Morning Radar: Three things we're talking about this morning

Watch it, pops: Kids feel safer when their mothers are behind the wheel --and more entertained, says a poll of children aged 6 to 15.

Seven in ten children see their dads as risk-takers who are more likely to speed or freak out at other drivers.

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Almost a third said they prefer a ride with mom because she talks to them more. To boot, she's a jester, more likely to play games and crack jokes when driving.

Still, fathers won out in the technical department: 60 per cent of the kids surveyed said dads are better at parking and reversing; 62 per cent said mom is more likely to stall the car or get lost.

But who will ask for directions?

Pass the bong, mom: Jade Jones-Hawk, 17, spent most of her childhood running wild on the psychedelic festival circuit with her mom.

She recalls hanging with the "wolf pack," a horde of kids who essentially raised themselves in among the glowsticks and patchouli: "The younglings would be cared for by the older kids and often all the children of the encampment would run together as a single herd, whether they numbered three or twenty."

Now, the Burning Man-loving teen offers parenting advice -- and man is she precocious under those desert goggles.

A sample: "No matter what - tuck them in. Just outside the thin walls of the tent, the bass is still going and the lights are casting neon shadows and perhaps you have a lover waiting for you - but all the kid is waiting for and listening for is your voice and your kiss goodnight. If you have night-time rituals like story time or songs, keep them; maintain some sort of basic structure."

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And then get back to your tent lover.

Don't try this in Canada: Fliers facing delays in the Northeast got nothin' on Russian passengers who attacked airline staff on Tuesday after a crippling ice storm caused four days of delays.

The passengers rioted after massive flight disruptions at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport, beating employees of Aeroflot, Russia's largest air company. Some of those beaten were reportedly women.

Those not using fists used money: Some passengers claimed they bribed personnel to retrieve their luggage.

Meanwhile, hundreds of people attempted to break past passport control at Domodedovo Airport.

Not quite the holiday spirit.

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