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Globe and Mail moms Stephanie Nolen, Leah McLaren, Tabatha Southey, Carolyn Abraham, Wency Leung and Kate Taylor talk to their mothers about the challenges, lessons, triumphs and misgivings of raising children

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Stephanie Nolen is pictured with her mother, Barbara. Stephanie writes that she and her mom “are mothers at the polar ends of a spectrum, each of us envying the way the other got to be a mother.” Click here to read Stephanie's article on her mother.

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Leah McLaren is pictured with her mother, Cecily Ross, and her great grandmother, Cecil McLaughlin. Cecily’s parenting advice for Leah is that she teach her son to cook. “In this day and age, every man should cook,” she says. Click here to read Leah's article on her mother.

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Tabatha Southey is pictured with her mother Janey. “More than one person has told me, for example, that when you’re in a room with Bill Clinton and he turns his attention toward you, you are the only person in that room,” Tabatha writes. “My mother is the Bill Clinton of babies.” Click here to read Tabatha's article on her mother.

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Carolyn Abraham is pictured with her mother Thelma. “This is a photograph my father took of my mother and me on holiday in India in 1971,” writes Carolyn. “I think it says a lot about my Mum. Even with elephants pounding steps behind, she doesn’t look back.” Click here to read Carolyn's article on her mother.

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Wency Leung, centre, is pictured with her mother, May, and older sister, Fay. May’s one piece of parenting advice: “Discipline your kids, but in a gentle and loving way. When kids spill milk, I’m pretty sure they feel bad already. So there’s no need to shout at them because it’s just an accident.” Click here to read Wency's article on her mother.

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Kate Taylor is held by her mother, Mary. Mary’s parenting advice for Kate: “A lot of parents of my generation feel that your generation is too focused on your children. It’s understandable. Most of my generation had much larger families. I had five children.” Click here to read Kate's article on her mother.

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