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"There are millions of women in New York City who have the perfect love life — with gay men."

That's the premise for a new reality show that looks at the relationship between a woman and her gay best friend – Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, airing on Sundance.

Like a real life Will and Grace, the series follows the bffs as they harp about single life. And like fluffy chick flicks (think The Next Best Thing, starring Rupert Everett as Madonna's best gay bud), the show offers plenty of stereotypes around the dynamic, from the drama and the chats to some generally obnoxious behaviour.

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So far, the critics aren't moved.

Writes Dodai Stewart at Jezebel:

"The concept — straight women hanging out with gay men — isn't inherently dramatic, like Teen Mom. And there's no common goal, like on Project Runway or even The Biggest Loser. I found myself watching the footage and asking, what is the point?"

Troy Patterson is less kind. Pointing out that the women view their gay boy toys ultimately as "men who will never leave us," Mr. Patterson writes, "A naive viewer may develop the impression that gay men are prized as companions for resembling dogs gifted with the power to talk about cute shoes."

Which begs the question: what happens when both the boys and girls get boyfriends?

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