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Clinic offers free pizza with vasectomies during March Madness

It's a sales pitch that includes three things loved by many men: pizza, college basketball and vasectomies. Okay, so two things loved by many men.

The Urology Associates of Cape Cod are giving away a free pizza to any man who signs up for a vasectomy. The company told the Cape Cod Times that the promotion is a light-hearted way to raise awareness about the procedure and one that might lure customers through the door.

It's no coincidence that the offer comes during March Madness. It takes a few days to recover from a vasectomy, so why not do it when you can sit at home watching NCAA basketball with a free pizza?

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A tongue-in-cheek ad created for the campaign touts this as the perfect time for the operation. "Hey guys! Want to watch the college basketball tournament guilt-free?" a woman's voice says in the commercial.

It's not just men in Cape Cod who are feeling the allure of getting to watch college basketball in the certainty that they sterile.

The Cleveland Clinic recently told USA Today that men are flocking to get vasectomies done during the NCAA tournament.

"I'm doing them every 15 minutes tomorrow with no holes. It usually won't be that full," Dr. J. Stephen Jones, chairman of the department of regional urology at the Cleveland Clinic, said Thursday.

Vasectomies increase by approximately 50 per cent during the tournament, he added.

Not to be outdone in the promotional department, the Oregon Urology Institute is offering a deal they call "Snip City." Men who get a vasectomy done during March Madness get a recovery kit that includes 3D glasses, a t-shirt, Sports Illustrated and a cooler.

Dr. Bryan Mehlhaff, a urologist at the Oregon Urology Institute, said it's no surprise why men schedule vasectomies for this time of year.

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"They have an excuse to stay home, watch TV and lounge on the couch," he said.

The Institute's appointment books are full and are expected to stay full until the Final Four, Dr. Mehlhaff said.

"Maybe some guys are waiting for the latter part of the bracket where the games get a little more competitive," he explained.

Or maybe they're just holding off for more than a free pizza.

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