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Harper's high school photo goes viral - and he's a lucky guy

Canadian voters are taking time out of combing through party platforms to gleefully share a clever humour website offering a lighter perspective on the candidates. Well, mostly the hilarity of the candidates' former hairdos.

The equal-opportunity site is filled with archival campaign and school photos and one Stephen Harper yearbook entry, presumably authentic.

The yearbook photo gets a favourable comparison to Chris Murphy of the band Sloan. But his entry is also a must-read: "Steve was active in the apathy movement." And his pet peeve? "Reality."

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In a plaid shirt a few clicks further, Mr. Harper is a deadringer for SNL cool kid Andy Samberg.

Michael Ignatieff gets a Happy Days reference, and an attack-ad-esque shot for his feathered 'do in one photo, "Michael Ignatieff: He didn't grow that thick auburn mop of hair for you."

There's a nod to a young Elizabeth May's blonde Nana Mouskouri look. And a caption beside a picture of a barely recognizable pre-gray Jack Layton reads: "Despite reluctantly agreeing to ditch the glasses, a young Jack Layton solemnly vows not to shave moustache until 'the day they make me prime minister.'"

The site proudly declares of a wild-haired Gilles Duceppe: "We categorically swear that we did not retouch this photo in any way."

For the current political class, the site may be a reminder that youthful hairdos can come back to haunt you just as much as naive pronouncements. But the site is also a poignant indication that the current candidates have it good. Real good.

Just wait for the elections of about 15 years from now.

The digital collages of sexts, racy Facebook profile pictures and blogs entries that will trail political hopefuls will no doubt have many - candidates and voters alike - longing for the days when a goofy 70s 'do drew giggles.

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Weigh in: How would you feel about your high school yearbook photo going viral? What about your current Facebook profile pic?

Editor's Note: The Saturday Night Live star is Andy Samberg. Incorrect information appeared in the original version of this article.

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