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NBA star Derrick Rose knows what your mom really wants on Sunday

Derrick Rose isn't just the best player in professional basketball. He's also the MVP of Mother's Day.

On Tuesday, the NBA named Rose the league's most valuable player. In his acceptance speech, the 22-year-old Chicago Bulls point guard gave a special shout out to his mother, who he called "my heart."

It's a speech sure to melt the heart of even the steeliest sports fan.

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On days that he doesn't feel like going to practice or is "having a hard time," Rose said, "I think about her when she had to wake me up, go to work, and just making sure that I'm all right and making sure the family is alright - those are hard days. My days shouldn't be hard because I love doing what I'm doing, and that's playing basketball. So you keep me going everyday and I love you and I appreciate you being in my life."

His mother, sitting in the front row, wiped tears from her eyes with a tissue. (It's safe to say that if the camera had panned out we would have seen the entire audience choking up.)

So why is Rose the MVP of Mother's Day? Because on a Hallmark holiday when it's easy to phone it in with another generic and - let's face it - lousy present, he's made it clear what the best gift really is. Your mom doesn't want flowers. Your mom doesn't want a spa day. Your mom doesn't want some stupid mug that says "Number One Mom" on it.

Your mom wants to hear you say thank you. For always putting you first. For always driving you to piano lessons. For teaching you how to cook. For always being there for you. For putting clothes on your back. For helping you with your homework. For whatever it might be. Just be honest.

And don't feel the need to be all gushy. Rose wasn't, and I guarantee his mom will forever recall fondly that speech as one of the most touching moments of her life. Your mom deserves it just as much as she does

What do you want to thank your mom for this Mother's Day?

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