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On your cell at dinner? Survey says you're annoying

Morning Radar: Three things we're talking about this morning

Table tip: If you're on your cellphone during meals, most people think you're a jackass, according to a new survey.

The Zagat restaurant guide has found that 63 per cent of Americans turn their noses up at cell phone users who call or text during a meal.

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The survey also found that diners shouldn't keep cameras out too long. About 68 per cent of Americans said taking photos of food at restaurants is only acceptable in moderation. Take that, foodie bloggers.

The survey results were part of Zagat's 2011 guidebook, which named midtown seafood restaurant Le Bernardin as the best place to eat in New York City. Just don't take your electronic gear, okay?

Quit it with the plastics: A new study links higher levels of BPA with lower sperm quality.

A researcher who studied factory workers in China is reporting an association between higher levels of bisphenol A in urine and decreased semen quality.

Dr. De-Kun Li and colleagues at the U.S. health care provider Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, Calif. conducted the study, which was funded by the U.S. National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health.

They found an association between urine BPA level and declining semen quality - reduced sperm concentration, total sperm count, vitality and motility.

As a group, Dr. Li said the Chinese factory workers with higher levels of BPA in their urine were not infertile.

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"But the question comes to me," says Warren Foster, a professor at McMaster University, "is it bisphenol A, or is it something else?"

Are you convinced?

Keef's beef: Sure, Canadians will be all over the bits of Keith Richards' new memoir that dismiss Maggie Trudeau as a groupie: "...Nothing wrong with that but you shouldn't be a Prime Minister's wife if you want to be a groupie," he writes.

But the Rolling Stone's diet advice is even better: Don't scarf all your bangers and mash in one fell swoop.

"It's very bad for you to stuff all that crap in at once. Better to have it a bit here, a mouthful there, every few hours a bite or two. The human body can deal with it better than shoving a whole load of crap down your gob in an hour."

Thanks for the tip, Keef.

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