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Relaxation at terminal 2: San Francisco airport introduces Yoga Room


If you're feeling stressed out at the San Francisco International Airport, there's a new place to relax while you wait for your flight: A yoga room.

The 150-square-foot (14-square-meter) room with mirrored walls is reportedly the world's first airport yoga studio, spokesman Mike McCarron told Time.

The room is basic, with just a few chairs and yoga mats but there are no instructors or televisions. No shoes, food, drinks or cell phones are allowed. "Silence is appreciated," reads a sign, reports Time.

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"It's perfect," traveller Maria Poole told Time. "I think it should be in every airport, especially the terminals that I fly through. This would be such a great way for me to get my exercise in, get a little peace and quiet — a little Zen moment."

There are yoga room skeptics, though, among even visitors who presumably love the yoga-obsessed city.

"If I got into yoga, I might lose track of time and miss my flight," Robert Diaz, told Time in the airport. "I'd be so relaxed."

Some object for other reasons. Jen Doll at the Atlantic sees the yoga room - and the hair salons and massage parlours before it -- as just the latest reminder of long customs queues and security lines, waiting times, delays and other air travel irritants that keep travellers cooped up for hours. In other words, the airports are the ones making it stressful in the first place.

"But wouldn't it be better if airports spent more time finessing the travel experience to minimize our time spent in them, and less time adding 'perks' to comfort us during our time there?"

Furthermore, Ms. Doll says she's fine with "Us Weekly and bad pinot grigio and greasy snacks" and isn't keen on the pressure to exercise (in a room with no showers.)

Me? I can only see a sartorial downside. Airports are already filled with flip-flops and yoga pants. This will just open the gates.

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Would a space for yoga improve your airport experience? Or are you more of a bad-pinot-grigio kind of traveller?

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