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"Reputations aren't drunk-proof." Wise words from the University of Minnesota, which has launched a new anti-binge drinking campaign called "The Other Hangover."

Definition: "The regrettable social after-effects of over-consumption, such as embarrassment, shame, or guilt. While it usually goes unnoticed until the next morning, the consequences can last a lifetime." The ads and coasters feature a young woman climbing a young man atop a pool table, with others looking on, judgmentally.

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You can follow that sage advice, or simply scrub it all away with Axe's new "Snake Peel" body wash, which features one of the most vile advertising taglines in recent memory. No doubt your local high school boys will seize on this one in no time.

Get that laptop off your ... lap: A new study finds that prolonged exposure to your laptop's heat - as in cramming that essay for six hours with the computer on your lap - can lead to "toasted skin syndrome," a sponge-patterned, mottled skin condition.

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