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Transgendered Calgarian wins radio station's breast implants contest

Avery, a transgendered musician, is the winner of a Calgary radio station's contest to receive free breast implants.

Amp Radio

"For a brand-new set of breasts, enter now."

That's the gist of Calgary radio station 90.3 Amp's "Breast Summer Ever" contest launched earlier this season.

And now we have a winner: Avery - a transgendered musician - won by a landslide, CTV reports.

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Judges for the radio station reviewed hundreds of applications from women unsatisfied with their natural assets, as well as breast-cancer survivors. All submitted stories explaining why they wanted a $10,000 boob job.

More than 30,000 listeners voted online for the winner, choosing among 10 contestants short-listed for the prize.

Avery garnered 76 per cent of the votes for her story about the travails of turning a man's body into a woman's.

Click here to watch the Amp radio interview with Avery after winning breast implants from the station

Alberta delisted sex-change surgeries as a covered medical procedure in 2009 to save the government $700,000 a year, reports.

"Basically all the funding has been cut off for transgendered people to get sexual reassignment, so right now I have to pay all out of my own pocket," Avery told the radio station. "As far as the [breast]surgery, I didn't even think I'd ever be able to get this done. So that is just awesome."

Earlier this week, a vandal accused the contest of being sexist in graffiti painted outside the station's Calgary headquarters.

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But the radio station has been vindicated, writes Calgary-Lefty, commenting at

"The whole time everyone thought the radio station was being sexist and demeaning to women. And who did the listeners pick as the winner? Someone who was in need and would actually benefit."

Next up is "Breast Summer Ever" - Hawaii edition, in which contestants submit photos of their clothed breasts to radio station 102.7 Da Bomb in hopes of a makeover.

But as points out, are Hawaiian listeners really going to vote for the cleavage that appears in most dire need? Stay tuned.

Do you think it's appropriate for breast implants to be given away as contest prizes?

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