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U.K. McDonald's store bans tracksuits to deter young trouble-makers

You probably wouldn't get away with wearing sweatpants at a fine dining restaurant, but at McDonald's, anything goes, right?

Nope. At least not at the McDonald's outlet in Leyland, England.

The British store is refusing to serve anyone under the age of 18 wearing tracksuits after 7 p.m. to deter trouble-making youngsters.

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"Over the last few weeks we've experienced a lot of anti-social behaviour from groups of youths. It's almost gang-style fighting at the weekend," manager Rachel Hilliker told The Telegraph newspaper. "My staff have been threatened and have been told they will be stabbed when they finish work."

Perhaps unsurprisingly, some of the fast-food restaurant's young customers aren't happy with the ban.

"They are stereotyping all young people and it's not fair.... What really made me mad was when a lad in his 20s came in behind us wearing the exact same clothing and he got served right away," college student Scott Wilson, who was refused service, told The Telegraph.

Mr. Wilson said he eventually managed to order a meal – when he returned wearing a suit and tie.

Perhaps a tracksuit ban extended to customers of all ages might not be so bad. On the positive side, it would force the clientele to dress a little spiffier. On the minus, how do you eat a sloppy Big Mac with fries without getting ketchup stains on your tie?

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