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Upper class has trouble with human emotions: study

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Morning Radar: Three things we're talking about this morning

Upper crusty: Upper-class people are worse than their lower-class counterparts at reading the emotions of others, says a new study published in Psychological Science.

Researchers asked volunteers to look at pictures of faces and gauge the emotions they exhibited. People with more education performed worse than people with less schooling.

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The researchers suggest it's because upper class folk can solve their own problems -- daycare, for instance --without relying on others. Less dependency equals less emotional connection, it seems.

Well I never!

High time: New Jersey passed an "anti-bullying bill of rights" on Monday, following the suicide of Rutger University freshman Tyler Clementi, who jumped off a bridge in September after his roommate streamed online video of a sexual encounter Mr. Clementi had with another man.

If the bill becomes law, "school safety teams" would be created to review complaints and schools would be graded on how well they report harassment.

Bullies could be suspended or expelled, and administrators who fail to report bullying would be disciplined.

No pills for men: In the U.S., emergency contraception is available over the counter for anyone over age 17, regardless of gender - except in Texas and Mississippi, where Walgreens pharmacists won't sell it to you if you're a man.

A man named Adam Drake was turned away at a Houston pharmacy. The manager later claimed that the woman had to buy it herself and prove she was 17.

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Astonishingly, she even suggested Mr. Drake might spike a woman's drink with the pill, according to a letter from the American Civil Liberties to the chain.

In Canada, there is no age restriction when purchasing the over-the-counter emergency contraception Plan B. Men can buy it too.

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