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Why eat chocolate when you can inhale it?

Skip the calories: You can now inhale dark chocolate.

Deborah Baic/The Globe and Mail/Deborah Baic/The Globe and Mail

Take a whif of this. No, really. If you've vowed to keep the pounds off in the new year by avoiding sweets, a Harvard university professor has come up with a way to help you have your cake - and smell it, too.

David Edwards, who works for the Harvard University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, has pioneered the idea of "eating by breathing" with Le Whif, a lipstick-sized inhaler that allows people to enjoy the taste of chocolate without consuming a single calorie, according to the product's website.

There are also Le Whif breathable vitamins and breathable coffee.

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As the website boasts: "Chocolate never touches your fingers, coffee never spills on your shirt."

Never having to worry about hot coffee burning you when it spills sounds like a real plus, but is never getting to actually touch chocolate while being tantalized by its aroma a satisfying experience?

It just might be. As Prof. Edwards told the New York Times shortly after Le Whif was introduced: "A little bit of powder on the taste bud gives you all the flavour of a lot of chocolate mass that you chew on and break down in your mouth to accomplish the same purpose." He went on to say that when you eat chocolate, "the actual percentage of that chocolate that stimulates your taste buds is very minor."

And it comes without having to worry about calories. Now if they would only mix it with the smell of caramel.

What do you think, is Le Whif something you'd use, or do you want to bite into your chocolate?

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