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Woman attacks roommate over Girl Scout cookies

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Hersha Howard is a different kind of Cookie Monster.

The Naples, Fla. woman is accused of attacking her roommate for taking her Thin Mints Girl Scout cookies.

The roommate, Jasmin Wanke, told police she was sleeping when Ms. Howard burst into her bedroom, freaking out that Ms. Wanke had eaten her Thin Mints.

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Ms. Wanke protested, saying she offered the cookies to Ms. Howard's children because they were awake and hungry at 1 a.m.

That's when things turned: Ms. Howard allegedly hit her roommate in the face, bit her breast, chased her around with a pair of scissors, hit her with a board and then a sign.

She is charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Although this case is exceptional, roommate co-habitation doesn't end well in many cases.

Share your horror stories in the comments field. What's the worst thing you've seen a roommate do?

Editor's Note: Ms. Howard allegedly attacked Ms. Wanke. Due to an editing error, incorrect information orginally appeared in this article.

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