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Kite Skiing in Quebec's Parc National d'Oka.

Kite Skiing and Snowboarding

What's the deal?

Escape the ski hill and careen across a frozen lake on your skis or snowboard.

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Where's it at?

Soon after the modern sport of kitesurfing became popular in the late 1990s, people began using their rigs to ski or snowboard in the winter months. Advances in kite and harness design have made it easier and safer than ever before. Though anywhere with snow will work, for the smoothest ride find a frozen, snow-covered lake.

One of the best spots is in Quebec's Parc National d'Oka's Lac Des Deux Montagnes, outside Montreal. With steady, predictable winds averaging 15 to 40 kilometres per hour you can ride almost every day. Sign up for a three-hour lesson with Aerosport Kite School and bring your downhill skis or snowboard. Your instructor will fit you with a kite and harness, teach you the basics of the wind window and you will be up and riding in your first lesson. The sport is easier than kitesurfing in the summer, since you always begin standing up. Top riders can attain speeds of 100 km/h or more.

Who's it for?

Those who want the thrill of skiing and snowboarding without having to go up a mountain. A three-hour lesson with Aerosport at Quebec's Parc National d'Oka costs $225 including equipment.

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