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Snapshots of an African safari

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The dunes of Namib-Naukluft National Park, the largest game park in Africa.

Linda Intaschi; David Silcox

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Near the Angolan border, the Himba people live a traditional life.

Linda Intaschi; David Silcox

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Who can resist a giraffe – graceful, leggy and designer beautiful (a bat of an eyelash can knock you sideways)?

Linda Intaschi

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Even our guides need a rest in the bright sun of Namib-Naukluft National Park.

Linda Intaschi; David Silcox

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Some of Botswana’s best wildlife viewing is done in the 15,000 square kilometre Okavango Delta.

Linda Intaschi; David Silcox

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We spend hours bird watching in the Okavango Delta and spy this lilac-breasted roller.

Linda Intaschi; David Silcox

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A leopard retreats from the heat in Botswana.

Linda Intaschi; David Silcox

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Little Kulala camp brings luxury to the Namibian desert.

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At Desert Rhino Camp in Namib we join a group of trackers in search of rare black ungulates.

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The luxurious Serra Cafema is one of the most remote camps in southern Africa.

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