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Up for a challenge? Use full sentences - even while texting

We all dream of being the ultimate version of ourselves -- smarter, thinner, funnier, more punctual, better driver, and so on.  With that can-do, team spirit in mind, Globe Life is embarking on a grand self-improvement project. Each week, we'll set a small, bite-sized task. Try it out and let us know how you fare. Plus, tell us what tips made it easier or if you have suggestions to help others.

This week:

New studies show that the English language is GTHIAHB (going to hell in a hand basket).

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Can you go a week using full sentences and perfect grammar – no acronyms, no fragments, no short forms ... even when texting? Is preserving the Queen's English a worthwhile task or is the evolution of grammar and language NBD?

Join the challenge and share your erudite pensées on Globe's Life Facebook page.

Let us know how it goes.

Previous challenges: (Click on the links to see how I fared)

Week One: Positive thinking Refrain from saying anything negative. No sarcastic remarks, withering put-downs or self-deprecating comments.

Week Two: Put down the smartphone. This week, limit yourself to checking your e-mail only twice a day.

Week Three: Try not buying any groceries and use up those dried chick peas, frozen strawberries, soup mix and whatever else is lurking in your cupboards and freezer.

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Week Four: Improve your memory. Learn a poem - or if you still have nightmares about Grade 10 English, learn lyrics to a song.

Week Five: Go without makeup for the week. That's right: no foundation, no mascara, no lipstick - we'll give you a pass on lip balm.

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