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You said it: Your thoughts on raising mama's boys

Is there anything wrong with raising a boy who really (really) loves his mother? Adriana Barton's story in today's Globe caused a stir - and incited a big reaction with our readers.

Here's what you had to say about the connection between mother and son:

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I guess I was a mama's boy too. I always had a close relationship with my mom, probably because I was an insecure and shy kid. Instead of protecting me from the world, she is the one who pushed me to experience new things and do something meaningful with my existence.


I've got two Mama's boys. They're also a Daddy's boys and their own men too. There's nothing wrong with affection and love between a mother and a son. Where else will they learn how to treat women with respect and caring other than from their mother

Rusty Brown:

But what happens when wife takes over and finds she has to perform the role of mother to her husband just because that is what he has always been accustomed to?


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Your son will one day walk through this world alone, ladies. Your choice is to prepare him for it, or make him dependent upon you well into adulthood. Do the right thing.

Ms. Moi:

When I started dating my husband there was more than one occasion where I seriously thought about ending it because I wasn't sure I could spend my life dealing with his mother. She was so intrusive about every aspect of his life and when he said something to her (ie back off) which he often did, she would cry and say "but don't you understand, you're my baby!" (as her youngest child). I would scream inside every time she said it.


Both of our son's were "mommy's boys" when young although my wife did become an expert on trucks, trains and industrial machinery to extend that relationship as long as she could... By their teens, genetics catches up with them and it becomes more of a Dad thing.

What's in a name:

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My experience with mama's boys is that they can end up narcisstic and overly self involved to their own detriment as well that of others.

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