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A boy tries to control an Indian national flag from the wind as it is installed at a wholesale market on the occasion of India's Independence Day celebrations in the southern Indian city of Chennai.


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A Free Syrian Army fighter fires an AK-47 rifle in Aleppo.


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A woman walks by covered in a sheet while children play by the outskirts of the Jacobo Arbenz settlement, where they were evicted from the day before by the Military Police in Guatemala City. According the local media 223 families including 250 kids were evicted from the settlement, which was built on land belonging to the Defence Ministry.


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A man and two children watch a king penguin swimming in a pool at the zoo in Zurich.


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Feet of Drumpal Choudhary, 11, tied with a wooden pole are pictured as he performs his trick at the streets of Kathmandu. Drumpal, together with his brother, Gchan, and sister, Shivani, came to Kathmandu from India 5 years ago. They earn their living by performing tricks on the streets of Kathmandu. According to Drumpal, Shivani's older brother, they earn around $10 a day by performing tricks, which is not enough to feed their 10-member family living together in a small hut without a proper toilet or any basic needs.


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Franz Guglhoer (R) sends his opponent Christof Grunwald into the water as they take part in a so-called 'Fischerstechen - fisherman joust' competition at the lake Staffelsee in Seehausen. The traditional Fischerstechen, which took place for the first time in 1864, is celebrated annually on the Assumption Day.


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Lightning is seen above buildings during a storm in central Shanghai.


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A couple talks at each other as the sun sets at Enoshima beach in Fujisawa, near Tokyo.

Shizuo Kambayashi/AP

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A new born Asian elephant calf Anachli with her mother, at the official presentation at the Zoo in Berlin.

Markus Schreiber/AP

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