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A man is detained by riot police during demonstrations in north Dublin against the visit by Britain's Queen Elizabeth.

Cathal McNaughton /Reuters

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South Korean prostitutes in mourning clothes and with painted faces, march during a rally in Seoul, South Korea. Hundreds of prostitutes and pimps rallied Tuesday near a red-light district in Seoul to protest a police crackdown on brothels.

Lee Jin-man/AP

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Workers install a high voltage electricity pylon in Xuancheng, Anhui province, China.


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A Buddhist monk lights candles in front of a Buddha statue during the Buddha Purnima festival in the northeastern Indian city of Agartala.

Jayanta Dey/Reuters

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Buddhist followers release lanterns into the air during Vesak Day, commonly known as Buddha's birthday. at the Borobudur Mahayana Buddhist monument in Magelang, Indonesia.

Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

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Supporters of a movement protesting against the ongoing financial crisis, take part in a demonstration at Madrid's Puerta del Sol.

Susana Vera /Reuters

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Britain's Queen Elizabeth II is introduced to guests by provost John Hegarty (CR) in the Long Room during a tour at Trinity College in Dublin. It is first visit of a British monarch to the Irish Republic.


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A man paddles a canoe through a flooded street in the town of St-Blaise, Que. Quebecers living along the swollen Richelieu River are facing the grim prospect of leaving their flooded homes - again.

Graham Hughes/The Canadian Press

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Crews continue to work at putting out hot spots in Slave Lake. A massive forest fire stoked by strong winds burned through the southeast of Slave Lake, Alberta. Hundreds of homes were reported lost to the fire.

jimmy jeong The Globe and Mail

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