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In pictures: Your best sports photography

Here is this week's Photo Desk call-out. Images uploaded to us through Flickr are contained in a separate gallery. This gallery showcases images sent through our custom upload tool. Our staff will pick a favourite reader-submitted photo to be featured in Friday's print edition of The Globe and Mail. (Preference will be given to photos taken during the week of the call-out.) To learn more, follow the link under the gallery.

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This peaceful early morning shot, in a cathedral type setting, was taken in Spain on the Camino trail last May, near Burgos. The only sound was the steady tramp of the peregrinos in the background.

Edward Mooney/Edward Mooney

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The Mount Royal University Cougars men's hockey team celebrates after defeating their rivals the SAIT Trojans in the 2010-2011 ACAC championship series.

Jorden Dixon/Jorden Dixon

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A great tackle at a football game at Centennial High School in Welland, Ontario.

Tara Druzina/Tara Druzina

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Frederic Lemay spends an afternoon in a Montreal skate park which locals have dubbed "Le Gros 'O,'" in 2010.

Melissa Renwick/Melissa Renwick

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Boys from the rural neighbourhood of Goodwin east of Grande Prairie in northwest Alberta enjoy the country's national sport the way it should be played -- on a pond under prairie skies.

Richard Erlendson/Richard Erlendson

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Chris Schroeder flies off a jump in the backcountry of Sunshine Village Ski Resort, in 2010.

Melissa Renwick/Melissa Renwick

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Jordan of the Maroons (right) battles Balmeet of U18 Alberta for the ball at the Alberta Cup for Field Hockey in Calgary, AB.

Katie Fisher/Katie Fisher

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After a relaxing hot tub session, my son Jordan Erlendson decided to ski off the roof of the chalet at which we were staying on the hill at Silverstar Ski Resort near Vernon, B.C.

Richard Erlendson/Richard Erlendson

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The rider is on a homemade luge sled facing east going down the Don Valley, February 18, 2012. The snow is wet and heavy and is kicked up not by the rider's feet, but by the ski tip of the luge.


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The Lethbridge Penguins, a Timbits hockey team made of up 4 to 6 year olds, line up to recieve medals after playing in their first ever tournament. Photo taken on March 11, 2012.

Karry Taylor/Karry Taylor

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The last Outdoor Scate Of The Season. Equal Parts Of Ice And water Reflect This Skater. Mar 11,2012.

Jim Shaw/Jim Shaw

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13 yr old Xavier Marineau of Gatineau flying over a jump during the ski-cross race at the Quebec Provincial ski championships.

Luc Sigouin/Luc Sigouin

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A wonderful little swimmer at the Pelham Swim Meet Fonthill, Ontario.

Tara Druzina/Tara Druzina

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The last day of the fall season of the Epsom Races Sept.2011. The horses are rounding Tattenham corner, and the pounding of the hooves on the grass is all you can hear until they near the finish line

Barb McDougall/Barb McDougall

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A Port Credit Hockey team member aged 9 intensely skates after the puck during a hockey tournament in London.

Charles Ko/Charles Ko

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13yr old Jillian Lynott of the Mont Ste Marie Alpine Racing Club fights her way through a challenging slalom race during the Quebec Provincial ski championships.

Luc Sigouin/Luc Sigouin

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15yr old Alexis Bernier of the Mont Ste Marie Alpine Racing Club gets some slalom training in during a warm sunny spring day.

Luc Sigouin/Luc Sigouin

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Ken Anderson tears around the a corner of the motocross track up at Apex during the 2010 Canadian Enduro Championships.

Jorden Dixon/Jorden Dixon

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The Lakeland Rustlers try to block Mount Royal's Kate Porta during gameplay on Nov. 11, 2011 at Calgary's Mount Royal University.

Jorden Dixon/Jorden Dixon

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A goalie stops the puck during a game of hockey on a community pond in Calgary, AB.

Katie Fisher/Katie Fisher

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Fishing in Myrtle Beach

Nicole Harvey/Nicole Harvey

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Taken with a hand-held camera from my balcony during an annual bicycle race in Petite Italie, Montréal. June, 2007.

Michael Reinhart/Michael Reinhart

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Taken on a beach in SW Wales UK where parasurfers surfed on wheeled boards along the sand. Summer 2009.

Michael Reinhart/Michael Reinhart

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The Eagles playing a soccer tournament on a warm day in Rochester, NY.

Sharon Titus/Sharon Titus

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I took this photo of my husband as he snowshoed in Sudbury on the golf course after a fresh snow. Feb 2012

Kelly Marcon/Kelly Marcon

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Bike race in Granville, Ohio. Shot on film with Nikon F90X, then scanned.

Uilleam Ross/Uilleam Ross

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Bit of cricket on the Ottawa River on Family Day this year.

Aruni Abraham/Aruni Abraham

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A snowboarder enjoys spring-like conditions at Calgary's Canada Olympic Park.

Kalyn Gilbert/Kalyn Gilbert

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Taken hand-held, with a long lens, from a sailing club patio in Kitsilano, Vancouver in early evening as the sun slanted on the haphazard sailors of all sorts.

Michael Reinhart/Michael Reinhart

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Assistant professor Jill Parnell climbing the rock wall at the REC centre at Mount Royal University in Calgary.

Maria Bitter/Maria Bitter

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The Calgary Polo Club is the oldest club in North America, yet many Calgarians don't even know it exists. Located in De Winton, just south of Calgary, the Polo Club sits on 300 acres of land.

Derrick Newman/Derrick Newman

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black belt exam Toronto 2008

Thomas Mackay/Thomas Mackay

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A slam dunk during a home game at Mount Royal University against the SAIT Trojans.

Maria Bitter/Maria Bitter

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Competitors in a Wheelchair Rugby Tournament in Calgary

Jim Carroll/Jim Carroll

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My Son clears the bar...maybe

Jim Carroll/Jim Carroll

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Competitors in a Wheelchair Rugby Tournament in Calgary

Jim Carroll/Jim Carroll

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A man is learning to skate on the ice at the Banff Spring's Hotel

Corinne Sato/Corinne Sato

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A man skating at the Banff Spring's Hotel - view on the ice

Corinne Sato/Corinne Sato

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Felipe hits big at Playa Hermosa on February 12, 2012

Adam Pries/Adam Pries

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Mar 5/2012 - powder day at Kicking Horse

Barbara Wackerle Baker/Barbara Wackerle Baker

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Taken July 31, 2011 at a Vipers Game Nikon D90 setting: F9 1/320 ISO 200

Kathy Belford/Kathy Belford

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Swimming at 13 years of age

Werner Gruenwald/Werner Gruenwald

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Close up of the skates, as they are moving across the ice

Corinne Sato/Corinne Sato

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My sons prepares for the serve

Jim Carroll/Jim Carroll

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A blind runner rests after dragging his "guide runner" for 15km. Check out the Achilles Canada 5km, this March 18, 2012 to perhaps meet some runners who require some assistance. (summer 2008)

m won/m won

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He survived with a minor injuries and was back this year to fight again.

Kathy Rayner/Kathy Rayner

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At the Forks in Winnipeg

Kim Dennis/Kim Dennis

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Calgarians hit the ice (literally) on March. 10, 2012 at a downtown outdoor rink.

Ashley Freeman/Ashley Freeman

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A friend stretches to keep volleyball in play, during a pick-up game of beach volleyball in. While on vacation in , Montigo bay, Jamaica.

Paul Cornwall/Paul Cornwall

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A beautiful March night attracts Calgarians to a downtown outdoor rink.

Ashley Freeman/Ashley Freeman

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A pick-up game of Cricket on the University of Mumbai Campus. Taken on March 11 2012.

Sam Wilson/Sam Wilson

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Two rugby players reach for the ball during a line-out. Edson, AB.

Marina Giannitsos/Marina Giannitsos

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Taken at my son's September 18, 2011 football game.

Gilles St-Laurent/Gilles St-Laurent

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Skiers with the Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing - Durham. Sunday February 26, 2012.

Rob Blakely/Rob Blakely

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Jordy Kwas from the UAA Seawolves win faces off against an opponent from the rivalry team, the Fairbanks Nanooks.

Sibyl Bigler/Sibyl Bigler

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Taken at my son's (#4) rainy September 29, 2011 game

Gilles St-Laurent/Gilles St-Laurent

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Mar 6/2012 - Heaven's Stairway, Kicking Horse, BC, incoming.

Barbara Wackerle Baker/Barbara Wackerle Baker

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The UAA Seawolves pump each other up before their game in Minnesota on Saturday, March 9, 2012

Sibyl Bigler/Sibyl Bigler

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Simon Irving of the Augustana Vikings tosses the ball during a Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference playoff game on February 26, 2012 in Calgary

Karry Taylor/Karry Taylor

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Photo taken at my son's (#15) February 6, 2009 volleyball game

Gilles st-Laurent/Gilles st-Laurent

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steady hands, waiting behind the glass for that goal shot


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the ball is out of the frame but the "eyes" have it OFSAA "A" championship @ Ryerson March 7 2012

T> Parish/T> Parish

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My team mate from school. just made his outdoor team, since he knows i do photography he asked me to come take some shots during game play.

agya oppong -kyekyeku/agya oppong -kyekyeku

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Victoria bike race. Spandex and thighs and speed to spare.

Jo Slade/Jo Slade

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The fun part of Horse riding is the horses that obey your command.


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taken at my daughters softball game last summer

Kim Dennis/Kim Dennis

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Taking a shot to the chops at a Karate Tournament in Victoria

Courtney Sinclair/Courtney Sinclair

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Feb 2011 -chasing the puck, COP, Calgary, Alberta

Barbara Wackerle Baker/Barbara Wackerle Baker

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OFSAA "A" Volleyball Championship March 7 - middle hit in warm up

T. Parish/T. Parish

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Paul Smith rock climbs in the Canadian Rockies near Canmore, Alberta on July 23, 2011

Karry Taylor/Karry Taylor

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Vancouver Island, circa 2008, Olmo'st ready to ride.

Jo Slade/Jo Slade

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Frederic Lemay spends an afternoon at a Montreal skate park, whichlocals have dubbed Le Gros "O," in 2010.

Melissa Renwick/Melissa Renwick

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I had to hike quickly to these Skookumchuk Rapids and take pictures, as the kayakers only have a short window of time that the rapids are useable.

Susan Deneve/Susan Deneve

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Vancouver Island skate park, circa 2007. Caught action shots by clicking a second or so before the image I wanted to get. Worked great.

Jo Slade/Jo Slade

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