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Moments: Caught on Camera, Nov. 26 to Nov. 30

One captivating image a day, the reason it was chosen and how you can shoot similar pictures

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Snow-covered trees stand on a meadow in Winterberg, near Zurich, Switzerland. WHY WE PICKED IT: The simplicity of this image of a cold copse of trees, lonely on a snow-covered Swiss meadow, is deceiving. The photographer used the viewfinder carefully, framing the subject against a seamless background of white.

Steffen Schmidt/AP Photo/Keystone

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Migratory birds fly above a man rowing a boat on the Yamuna river in the old quarters of Delhi. WHY WE PICKED IT: The composition is executed perfectly here with the man rowing in centre staring right at camera. The photographer then allowed equal space for the boat and birds in motion above.

Mansi Thapliyal/REUTERS

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A demolition crew continues work on the site of 21 Bathurst Street in Toronto. This was a former site of the Amsterdam Brewing Company on the south-side of the railway lands. WHY WE PICKED IT: Capturing the destruction of an old building to make room for the new. Great timing to catch it while the old doors are still standing and nice framing to leave enough room around the old building to show the new developments.

Peter Power/The Globe and Mail

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A squirrel jumps over a brook on a sunny day in Lazienki park in Warsaw, Poland. WHY WE PICKED IT: Shooting wildlife requires a lot of patience and quick reflexes when the shot appears. This one is a great action shot that the photographer timed perfectly.

Alik Keplicz/AP PHOTO

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Tom Kane of Toronto shot this picture, "Long Abandoned", during a nighttime walk in his neighborhood. WHY WE PICKED IT: The single light emphasizes the emptiness of the store window and balances out the black area on the right creating a very nice image.

Tom Kane

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