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2010 Handbook for Entering Canada


Brad Cran

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Are you bringing any fruits or vegetables into Canada?

Have you visited a farm in the last 30 days?

Are you now or have you ever been a member of a group that disagreed with government?

Do you intend to ride the zip line?

Do you approve of product placement in movies?

Do you like my uniform?

Are you bringing into Canada any currency and/or monetary instruments of a value totalling CAN$10,000 or more per person?

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Have you ever assaulted a police officer with a stapler?

In describing my uniform, would you say that it a) inspires respect or b) breeds contempt?

Have you ever dreamed of shoot­ing a fas­cist dic­ta­tor off a Spanish balcony?

Do you approve of John Furlong?

Can you give me an example of the words in your head and how they might be used while in Canada?

Do you vote?

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Are you now or have you ever been a person who carries MasterCard?

Were you aware of the Oka uprising, and if so, whose side were you on?

Remind me again about the zip line.

Do you read poetry?

Do you believe in homelessness as a right of the people?

If you were Canadian, and if it were possible to do so, would you vote for John Furlong?

Does the colour of your socks match the colour of your pants?

Do your children own an effigy, stuffed or otherwise, of the Olympic mascot?

Our premier rode the zip line. Did you see that? It looks awesome.

Please arrange the following terms in order of pref­er­ence, start­ing with the least impor­tant: Health Care, Education, the Environment, Homelessness, Logo Placement at Sporting Events.

Do you now or have you ever owned a copy of Raffi's Baby Beluga?

Do you own a cell phone?

Are you carrying any printed matter that illustrates same-sex love?

Are you bring­ing into Canada any firearms or other weapons?

Did you know that each year, more Canadians trust RBC Royal Bank® for their mortgage solu­tions than any other provider?

What is the total monetary value of the goods you will be leav­ing in Canada?

Let's go back to my uniform for a minute, you gotta admit it's pretty fucking awesome.

Do you or have you ever listened to Democracy Now?

Can you finish the following sen­tence? Baby bel­uga in the deep blue ______________.

What colour is your heart?

Do you believe in global warming?

Have you ever purchased No Name brand products? You know, the ugly yellow ones?

If while in Canada you were tasered, would you be upset or go into cardiac arrest?

Do you support an international unelected and roaming fourth tier of government as set out by a non-existent charter of the


If your government acted against the principles of democracy, would you be compelled to action or would you just tell your

friends you are miffed?

Do you ever experience emotions stronger than miffment?

If someone you knew spoke up against your government, would you a) listen or b) think that was a little weird?

Which of the following does not fit? Osama bin Laden, Louis Riel, Chris Shaw, Gordon Campbell.

When asked, will you keep the flow of traffic moving smoothly?

How long will you be staying?

Brad Cran, Poet Laureate of Vancouver, is the author of The Good Life (Nightwood Editions) and, with his partner, Gillian Jerome, of Hope in Shadows: Stories and Photographs of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside (Arsenal Pulp Press), win­ner of the 2009 City of Vancouver Book Award.

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