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Experts say our love affair with the automobile is ending. People are moving back within reach of city transit systems or even within walking distance from their jobs. Meanwhile, telecommuting, social media and online shopping have all cut back on the need to go anywhere outside the house at all. Here are some sketches of people who are opting out of car culture

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WINNIPEG, MANITOBA - October 19, 2011 - Jessica Frey walks her son Ari (6) to school in their Winnipeg neighbourhood Wednesday, October 19, 2011. Frey does not own a car. (John Woods for the Globe and Mail)

JOHN WOODS/john woods The Globe and Mail

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Ross Arbo along with his son Kale, age 3, and wife, Jen, pose for a portrait along his bike route in New Westminster, British Columbia, Tuesday, October 18, 2011. Rafal Gerszak for the Globe and Mail

Rafal Gerszak/Rafal Gerszak for the Globe and

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Chris Bolin/chris bolin The Globe and Mail

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Della Rollins/della rollins The Globe and Mail

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TORONTO: OCTOBER 18, 2011--Margaret Giles poses for a photo as she cycles in Toronto, Ont. on October 18, 2011. The 57-year-old began cycling to work three years ago instead of driving. (Michelle Siu for Globe and Mail)

Michelle Siu for The Globe and Mail/michelle siu The Globe and Mail

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VANCOUVER, CANADA - OCTOBER 18: Tara Mahoney with her bike in downtown Vancouver October 18, 2011. Mahoney has chosen to ride her bike more for transportation rather than using her vehicle. Jeff Vinnick-The Globe and Mail

Jeff Vinnick/Jeff Vinnick/The Globe and Mail

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