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The discoveries of Canada's most famous amateur astronomer

David Levy is credited with discovering 23 comets, either independently or with Gene and Carolyn S. Shoemaker, but it was their discovery in March 1993, of what became known as Shoemaker-Levy 9, that cemented his place in astronomy history.

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Logbook of: Levy, David H. - Volume 1, Page 9 77E Nov.22 - Milky Way Plotting + Observation 20:50-21:00 78E Nov.23 - Clear - 20:55-21:15-g.c. + Milky Way Plotting + Observation 78M Nov.24 - Clear - 04:05-04:10-g.c. *79E Nov.24 - 17:45-22:00-Successfully charted Milky Way from Aquila to Gemini with Echo-60p. Saw an est. 1,100 stars. *80E December 2 18:30-20:40 See 79E - HAD TO BE RECHARTED BECAUSE PAPERS WERE STOLEN. Saw Est. 1,250 stars 1,380 stars. 81E December 5-/18:30-18:35/g.c./Vega,Altair,Venus very bright 82M December 8/06:10-06:15/saw Spica/g.c. 83E December 9/21:30-21:35/Clear/g.c. 84M December 14/07:05-07:10/Venus obs. with naked eye/(Mariner II Day)Clear 85E December 15/18:25-20:00/Clear/(Hazy(slightly)at first)/GEMINIDS-Observed

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1995-96 observing notes

David H. Levy

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1995-96 observing notes

David H. Levy

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Logbook of: Levy, David H. - Volume 1, Page 3 50SL Oct. 20/62 9:30-11:30/Echo-60p-/Lunar Observing- No solar spots seen on Sun. *50EM Oct.20/62 8:00-12:15/Naked eye, Orionid meteors; (27 seen by me); also with Echo-60p. Mapped region of R Pegasi; saw Pleiades. Clear/g.c. 51SL Oct.21/62 9:20-9:27/Clear/Echo-60p/Lunar Obs/No spots seen on Sun 51E Oct.21/62 6:10-6:20/clear/gen. const. obs. (Bill Earnshaw) *52E Oct 23/62/6:00-6:55/Clear/Echo-60p Jupiter, Saturn, Alberio, Arcturus, Capella, mapped Alpha Persei region, g.c. 52E2 Oct 23/60/8:50-9:15/Clear/Echo-60p-/Andromeda Galaxy-What a beautiful sight! *53E Oct.25/62/7:10-8:45/Clear/M-31, Mapped Double Cluster + region; Fantastic/Pleiades, Hyades; Albdebaran, Mizar. Echo-80p. 53E2 Oct 25/62/9:15-9:25/Clear/g.c. 54E Oct.26/62/20:50-21:20 Observed Jupiter, Saturn, M-31, M-45, NGC-869+884, Mizar, Alberio with Echo-60p.

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Logbook of: Levy, David H. - Volume , Page 3 A. Maximum Times for (e.g.) session1: (1E, 1M, 1AN, 1S) Noon-Noon. Then, after noon, session moves from 1 to 2 unless 1 sessions lasts until after noon. S - Solar Observation L - Lunar Obs. in Daylight SessionType Maximum Times E Dusk - Midnight M Midnight-Dawn AN Dusk-Dawn S Sunrise-Sunset L Dawn-Dusk Observation Sessions, David H. Levy *-something "new" accomplished. Ses.# Date Observations 1959 1 Session *1S: Oct.2. Partial solar eclipse. Just last part observed because of clouds. 1960 3 Sessions 2E(a&b): Aug(?). Gen. Const. Obs. -a) with 7x50b; Vega and on another night b) search for obs. on mount royal (8/15/03) *3E: Sept.1- Saturn seen for first time. Saturn's rings and Saturn seen as an Elliptical body through Echo.

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Logbook of: Levy, David H. - Volume , Page 4 *4E Sept.2 [1960]- Saturn's rings seen clearly with Echo. Echo sat. Observed. 1961 8 Sessions *5S Aug. 2- Sunrise Observed. 6E Aug. 5- Saturn's moons Observed. *7EM Aug. 25/26- Lunar eclipse. Due to clouds, only second half was seen. 10:50-12:42 E.D.T. *8MS August 28- Const. +Sunrise Obs. (3:20-8:00) EDT 9M Sept. 1 - Pleiades,const. + Venus Obs. 10E Sept.11 -Obs. of Deneb (D), Vega (V), Altair,(A), Jupiter + Saturn. 11E Sept.12 -Constellations Obs. *12SE Dec. 13 Geminids - 15 observed by me 1962 144 Sessions 13MS July 2 - Gen. Cosnt. + Sunrise Obs. 14E Aug. 11 - Gen. Cosnt. Obs., Venus, Perseids 15AN Aug.12/13 - 9:00-3:45 EST. Perseids Jan 2, 1962 - Quadrantids

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Logbook of: Levy, David H. - Volume , Page 6 [1962 Sessions] 24E Sept 19. Saturn seen for a few minutes. Then clouded over. 9:30-9:35 2" 40p.Telescope (Refractor) 24M Sept 20. Luna seen for a few minutes of a 30 minute obs. period. Seas + mountain ranges observed. *25E Sept. 20: (8:45-9:15) Saturn, Jupiter seen with two in. telescope - M-13 seen for first time. *25M Sept. 21: (2:15-5:30) Pleiades, Hyades, M-34 mapped NGC-2244 mapped; M-37, region of Lambda Orionis mapped. Echo I, Luna, gen. constellations observed. 26E Sept.21 Saturn + M-31 seen by the two in. scope. 26M Sept.22 Luna + Capella observed for almost 1 hour through light cloud then completely clouded over (2:10-2:55) 27S Sept.23 Sun observed with 2.25in. refr. 2 spots 27E Sept.23 (7:30-9:05) Obs. of Saturn, Jupiter, NGC-663, M-31, Pleiades, Hyades, Albireo, Mizar, gen.const. 28E Sept. 24-(7:15-9:00)(7:15-9:05)-

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